Integrative Therapy

Reiki stimulates the innate ability within each of us to discover our higher sensory capabilities. Laying on of hands and blending with the electromagnetic currents of each cell enables the mental, emotional, and spiritual self to cleanse and remove debris from the entire system. Debris is a general term for  emotional, mental, and physical scar tissue, as well as, excessive negative or discordant vibrations lingering from past occurrence and confrontation. Balancing the energetic body first may liberate and prepare the body to release physical ailments symptomatic of deeper emotional and mental stress. We each incur more than a “bodyfull” of various stress in one year, let alone, a lifetime. Stress build up leads to natural self-defensive reactions that may cause hypertension and hyper-anxiety. The system becomes more and more vulnerable if these blocks are continually stored and not removed. Energy healing is a holistic approach to the entire mind, body, soul complex, enabling the personal transformation of each individual into the Being they live to become.

Medicinal Aromatherapy is a technique that uses mental and emotional recognition through the stimulus of “scentsation.” Scent receptors in the nose and sinus have a direct relationship to the emotional sensory portion of the brain. When we smell aromas anywhere our memory is provoked and we relate to someone or some place that we associate the scent too. Each memory provokes an emotion   we experienced or concluded from a particular circumstance. This reaction may be conscious or sub-conscious. In a therapeutic setting organic scents are utilized to inspire calming and/ or stimulating affects. This motivates the body into a state of meditation and balance where healing may take place. Physical dysfunctions, pain, headaches, and emotional or mental trauma may be relieved.  Aromatherapy offers a plethora of resources for healing the heart, mind, and body. Essential oils used in this therapy may be used in various ways, including cosmetics, perfumery, pharmaceutical remedies, teas, hypnotics, sedatives, household cleansers, and bug repellent!

Shiatsu is a Japanese style massage that focuses on releasing tension and pain patterns in the body working a system of channels that run though out the body and correlate one part of the body to another. Acupressure of points along these channels is incorporated to access the inherent intelligence of the body as a harmonic system. How the circulation flows through these channels can greatly affect the communication of the body, heart, and mind. This technique is essential for releasing multiple layers of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

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