Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy, an ancient healing art, has brought health and regeneration to the health conscious for over 5000 yrs. The benefits of intentional touch are utilized by specific techniques that aid in calming heart-rate and blood pressure, increasing circulation of blood and the immune system, releasing the body of physical and emotional toxins that create scar tissue. The build up of scar tissue inhibits the free flow of blood, oxygen, and vital energy the body, mind, and heart need to work at optimal potential. Harmonizing the entire bodily system in this manner allows for decreased physical, mental, and emotional stress, promoting a positive perspective of life.

Deep Tissue Massage for Rehabilitation, is a compilation of ancient and modern biomedical techniques. It is a focused massage to one or two regions of the body in need of multi-level release injured by trauma or long standing compensation patterns in the body that contribute to chronic pain. This modality incorporates passive and active stretches, vigorous to subtle movement of the body and tissues, and utilizes light to deep pressure. Deep tissue massage is key for unbinding connective tissue and reducing trigger points, while retraining muscle function and tone. This technique indirectly affects the perception of the body by the brain, in order to restore harmony and communication in the musculoskeletal system.

Reflexology, formalized by Eunice Ingham, developed over thousands of years with massage and holistic bodywork.  Therapeutic massage is applied to the feet and hands in particular areas in order to affect organs and divisions throughout the human body.  Our hands and feet are the most utilized parts of the body with highly developed sensory cognition.  Reflexology is documented to have amazing healing affects on long-term illness and organ balancing. By breaking up deposited acids and toxins trapped in these complex structures the immune system may strengthen and increase the excretion of unwanted and unhealthy chemicals in the body.